Great Hall Venue

Our newest venue is the Great Hall in the Retreat Wing, the first building you see off the main parking lot. The Retreat Wing was added to the Peabody Mansion by the Franciscans, who were in residence at Mayslake after Mr. Peabody’s death in 1922. The Great Hall was originally built in the 1950’s as their chapel (now de-sanctified) and is a wonderful example of soaring neo-Tudor post and beam architecture. It is perfectly laid out for theatrical performance and with our riser system becomes a wonderful theatrical venue.

Unlimited free parking is available in the main lot. To reach the doors of the breezeway, simply walk the paths through the lawn next to the lot (one starts by the forest preserve info sign, the other from the far edge of the lawn) and follow it along the building. It will turn to the right, and the handicapped accessible doors will be directly in front of you.

The Seating

Seating for this venue is limited to 120 guests, is assigned seating and is fully accessible.

The Reviews

“This show is the company's first effort in the Gothic hall at the Peabody estate, and the room serves the story well.” - The Passion of Dracula - Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune

“What a great new space. I appreciated the tiered seating. All the seats were great.” - A patron