Jeeves Takes a Bow

By Margaret Raether, based on the stories of P.G. Wodehouse

Original Music by Tim Anderson

Directed by Alison C. Vesely
Featuring Christian Gray, Jim McCance, Kevin McKillip, Lydia Berger and David Rice

Previews Jan. 30, 31, Feb. 1
Feb. 2 ~ March 3

British Upper Crust Meets the New York Mob

"A gossamer-and champagne smooth as a vintage Rolls!" - Chicago Tribune

"Effervescent! Sparkles with humor and great performances!" - Daily Herald

"A frothy piffle of a comedy that’s gleefully, mindlessly silly...well deserving of that titular bow!" - Sun-Times News Group

The Story

Everyone's favorite hapless hero, Bertie Wooster, embarks on an American adventure armed only with his handsome fortune, his talent for trouble, and his remarkable manservant Jeeves. But is even the redoubtable Jeeves up to the task when Bertie is being pursued by both a vengeful Knuckles McCann and a marriage minded Vivienne Duckworth?

Jim McCance, Christian Gray, Kevin McKillip
Jennifer Shine, David Rice, Christian Gray
Christian Gray, Kevin McKillip, Jennifer Shine, Jim McCance, David Rice, Lydia Berger Gray
Jim McCance, Christian Gray
Jim McCance, Christian Gray
Kevin McKillip , Jim McCance, Christian Gray
JKevin McKillip, Christian Gray, Lydia Berger Gray, Jennifer Shine


All photos by Stefani Foster LaBrecque